Deepfake: A growing societal concern

Deepfake or synthetic media is the manipulation of visuals and audios using AI generated technology to create convincing but false information. This synthetic media is used to alter a person’s face, video and even voice and replace it with

BY / Thursday, 14 December, 2023

The need for diversity in our newsroom

The recent Chakka bandh imposed by the All Commercial Vehicle Owners’ Association (ACVOA) raises concern on the negligence of the peripheries in a State whose Government continues to put up a façade through festivals, tourism, music and the promotion

BY / Monday, 13 November, 2023

Nagaland Tribune is one

As Nagaland Tribune turns one today, 15th October 2023, I am filled with heartfelt appreciation for each member of the team, past and present. As we celebrate our first anniversary, I reflect on the Trust that that exists within

BY / Sunday, 15 October, 2023

Pause. Reflect

The past few weeks, Nagaland has witnessed a series of tragedies. Incidents on our roads have led to injuries and death to precious lives; two commercial buildings in the capital razed down to ashes, leaving many jobless; sexual assaults

BY / Monday, 2 October, 2023

The Good Life

Years before beginning his political journey, the present Advisor for School Education and SCERT, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome had given a clarion call in a protest demanding, “We all want the Good Life!” amidst agreeable cheers among young protestors. One

BY / Tuesday, 19 September, 2023

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