14th State-Level U-14 Taekwondo Tournament: Nurturing Young Talents in Nagaland

Kohima: “Catch them young” theme echoes as young Taekwondo athletes showcase their skills

BY | Thursday, 20 July, 2023

Kohima’s Indira Gandhi Stadium recently played host to the 14th edition of the state-level U-14 Taekwondo tournament, held on July 20, under the theme “Catch them young.” The event aimed to foster and encourage young talents in the sport, emphasizing the significance of early skill development and discipline.

The special guest of the occasion was S. Keoshu Yimkhiung, the Advisor for Youth Resource and Sports. In his address, he stressed the importance of starting early to nurture one’s talents, asserting that the virtues of goodness and discipline learned during youth form the foundation of future success.

Encouraging the young participants to take initiative and be accountable for their actions, the Advisor applauded the efforts of the Youth Resource and Sports Department in providing opportunities for aspiring athletes to pursue their dreams. He reminded them that winning goes beyond mere victories in competitions; it also entails winning hearts through sportsmanship and discipline.

Quoting, “Today you are young, but tomorrow you will not,” the Advisor urged the young athletes to strive for a better future by giving their best today.

Speaking to the media, Kethosituo Sekhose, the Director of Youth Resource and Sports, shared those 15 districts participated in the tournament, with a total of approximately 140 participants. The competition featured 10 participants from each district, with 6 categories for boys and 4 categories for girls.

Highlighting the importance of talent identification from the grassroots level, the Director informed that talent scouts were present to spot potential players for enrolment in the Nagaland Taekwondo Academy and other relevant organizations. He expressed confidence in the players’ abilities and envisioned them bringing medals at both national and international levels. The government’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment and elevating Taekwondo in Nagaland was also assured.

According to the Director, Taekwondo not only instils discipline but also brings about positive changes in the lives of athletes. He proudly mentioned that athletes from different districts have already secured medals in interstate competitions, and he looks forward to their continued success in future competitions.

The tournament not only serves as a platform to nurture young talents in Taekwondo but also demonstrates the active support of the government and stakeholders in the growth and development of the sport in Nagaland.

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Witnessing the exhilarating games were dignitaries, including Chairperson Commissioner and Secretary of Youth Resource and Sports, IAS Wezope Kenye, Nagaland Taekwondo President Pelesielie Khezhie, and other esteemed guests.

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