28th Spero Meliora held in Kohima Village

Kohima: The event saw students participating in different activities such as cultural group song, solo song, painting, debate and spelling bee

BY | Sunday, 14 August, 2022

The 28th Spero Meliora took on 13 August 2022 at Kohima Village Council Hall.

Spero Meliora is a yearly event in which student participants representing the four Khels of Kohima Village compete in different song and art categories. The four Khels are: Lhisemia Khel (L Khel), Tsütuonuomia Khel (T Khel), Pfuchatsumia Khel (P Khel) and Dapfhütsumia Khel (D Khel).

Jointly organised by Kohima Village Student’s Union and Dolphin Club, the event saw students participating in different activities such as cultural group song, solo song, painting, spelling bee and debate. The topic of the debate competition was ‘Offline mode of education is more beneficial than online mode of education’.

Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, the Special Guest of the event, donated 5 lakhs for the event. In his speech, he thanked the KVSU and Dolphin Club for organising the Spero Meliora. Talking about the emergence of biopolitics and the need for new leaders in society, he highlighted the importance of local development in providing opportunities to community leaders. He also encouraged the students to make the best of platforms like the Spero Meliora.

The following are the winners of each competitive category:


1st place: Dapfiitsumia Khel

2nd place: Tsiituonuomia Khel


1st place: Visaleû Mepfhuo (LSU)

2nd place: Khriephrenuo Mere (PSU)

3rd place: Avibou Belho (TSU)


1st place: Khrieketounuo kerhuo (LSU)

2nd place: Petekhrienuo kire (DSU)

3rd place: Menuosenuo Khezhie (DSU)


1st place: Siedzelenuo Sachii (DSU)

2nd place: Ruovisie zatsu (DSU)

3rd place: Kekuosenuo Sekhose (TSU)


1st place: Kethokhrienuo kire (DSU)

2nd place: Neipedenuo sorhie(LSU)

3rd place: Ketholenuo kire (DSU)


1st place: Kelhouvinuo Rutsa (PSU)

2nd place: Kikrukhrienuo Vizo (LSU)

3rd place: Mhaphruosezo solo (TSU)


1st place: Neisazhiinuo Rutsa (PSU)

2nd place: Kepebeinyii Rame (PSU)

3rd place: Kekhrienguzo Belho (TSU)


1st place: Kekhriengunuo solo (TSU)

2nd place: Vikethonyii Zatu (TSU)

3rd place: ThejatsuÜ Rutsa (PSU)


1st place: Kekhriezer Belho & Mhaphruosezo Solo (TSU)

2nd place: Zelaneinituo kire & Vikuonuo Khezhie (DSU)

The award for the highest number of participants went to Dapfiitsimia Students Union who also won the Overall Champion of the event.


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