3rd Nagaland Photography Festival to be held in Yimchalu Village, Mokokchung

BY | Friday, 31 May, 2024

A consultative meeting was held on May 30 between the Photography Club Dimapur (PCD) and team Yimchalu Village, Mokokchung to forge a partnership to host the upcoming 3rd Nagaland Photography Festival against the backdrop of the breath-taking Yimchalu Village in Mokokchung with the theme “Capturing Serenity”. The 3rd Edition of the Nagaland Photography Festival will be held on September 19 to 21 which promises to be a celebration of artistry and visual storytelling like never before.

The collaboration envisions a festival that would captivate the senses on the artistic landscape of Nagaland infused with the magic of photography, music, community, scenic beauty and cultural exchange.

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The highlight of the Festival comprises of workshops led by seasoned photographers of international repute, exhibitions showcasing the diverse tapestry of Nagaland’s cultural heritage, and interactive sessions fostering dialogue and learning.

With the stage set and plans in motion, the 3rd Nagaland Photography Festival stands poised to weave its magic, inviting all to revel in the beauty of the visual arts amidst the serene embrace of Yimchalu Village,.

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