3rd Northern Angami Mere Clan conclave held in Kohima: New office bearers elected

Kohima: Dr Keditsu advises parents to communicate with their children, teach them values of money and time

BY | Sunday, 3 March, 2024

The 2nd Northern Angami Mere Yiemiako (Mere Clan) conclave was held on Saturday at Solidarity Park in New Secretariat, Kohima, with Dr Kezevituo Mere Keditsu, Managing Director, Putuonuo Hospital, Kohima, as the Special Guest.

In his address, Dr Keditsu stressed on the importance of forgiveness and unity, and urged the Mere clan to support each other. He advised the elders to be honest and to speak the truth to enhance peace and harmony in the society.

Dr Keditsu encouraged the young generations to take care of their health and maintain good health from young age, advising them to avoid intake of alcohol, tobacco and other toxic substances.

Emphasizing the importance of obedience, he urged the youth to obey God and their parents and to work hard with sincerity. Dr Keditsu also advised parents to teach their children the value of money and time. He encouraged parents to communicate with children, to read the Bible, to pray and to live a humble life.

The other speakers on the occasion were Kruzo Mere, Er. Lhoubeizo and President of Angami Students’ Union, Khriesamhalie David Mere.

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Earlier, Ruokuotuolie Mere delivered the Presidential Address and Sevilie Mere pronounced the elderly’s blessings for the congregation. Pelevinuo Mere and Khriephrenuo Mere presented a song. Kevidzenyü Mere, Associate Pastor, Khedi Baptist Church and Rev. Khrieo Mezhü, Pastor, Christian Revival Church, Rüsoma blessed the program with prayers.

Also at the event, the newly elected office bearers were introduced, for whom a special blessing was pronounced by Neilavotuo Mere, Associate Mission Director, Angami Baptist Church Council.

The names of the newly elected office bearers for 2024-26 tenure are:

President: Khrievituo Mere (Kohima Village)

Vice President: Khrieneituo Mere (Chiechama Village)

General Secretary: Ruokuobeilie Mere (Tsiesema Basa Village)

Joint Secretary: Viphrelie Mere Mezhü (Rüsoma Village)

Statistical Secretary: Vizolie Mere Kesiyie (Tichüma Village)

Treasurer: Kuosalie Mere (Tsiesema Village)

Finance Secretary: Zevituo Mere (Nerhema Village)

Advisors: Sevilie Mere (Kohima Village)

Dr Kezevituo Mere Keditsu (Chiechama Village)

Kedilezo Mere (Zhadima Village)

Ruokuotuolie Mere (Tsiesema Village)


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