4th Nagaland Film Festival: Peru’s Ambassador to India hopes to share Peruvian films to foster greater cultural understanding

Kohima: Metha proposes idea of developing a year-long calendar tailored for filmmakers, film enthusiasts

BY | Friday, 8 December, 2023

The Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), Government of Nagaland, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Film Association of Nagaland (FAN), hosted the 4th Nagaland Film Festival at RCEMPA, Jotsoma in Kohima on Thursday.

Ambassador of the Republic of Peru to India, Javier Paulinich, in his address as the Special Guest, highlighted the cultural affinities and values shared between Peru and Nagaland. A film enthusiast himself, the Ambassador said that making films is very important as films are an expression of our culture and it should be known everywhere. Furthermore, he expressed his intention to share Peruvian films with Nagaland to promote greater cultural understanding between Peru and Nagaland.

Abu Metha, Advisor to the Chief Minister and Chairman of IDAN, highlighted the intricate nature of the Hornbill Festival as the Guest of Honour. He emphasized that the Nagaland Film Festival encapsulates the state government’s vision and the slogan “land of festivals,” showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of 17 tribes across more than 16,400 square kilometres of Nagaland.

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Metha stressed the significance of film and art in fostering creativity and inspiring the imagination of individuals and underscored the importance of utilizing such platforms and mediums to build bridges for the future, achieving success, and reflecting the aspirations of the new generation of Naga youth. He noted that this film festival serves as a platform that not only welcomes the world to our doorstep but also unites the entire Northeast, bringing forth creative ideas and storytelling. Through this festival, world-class cinema becomes accessible to our filmmakers, youngsters, and students, enriching our local creative landscape, he said.

Further, Metha proposed the idea of developing a year-long calendar tailored for filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and the industry as a whole. He emphasized the significance of providing these storytellers with a platform to share their narratives, aspirations, and dreams with the world.

Earlier, the welcome note was delivered by Dzüvinuo Theünuo, Director, Directorate of Information and Public Relations who expressed hoped that the two days of the Nagaland Film Festival will be an eye opener for film enthusiasts and provide an avenue for filmmakers to express their creativity and explore different themes and genres. She hoped that the workshops, master classes, and panel discussions will offer valuable insights into the craft of filmmaking. Theünuo also said that film festivals often feature a diverse range of films from different countries and cultures, which allows people to experience and appreciate cinema from various backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

The opening film that was aired was ‘Nocturnal Burger’ by Director Reema Maya. Six films were aired on the first day of the 4th Nagaland Film Festival that will conclude on the 8th December 2023.

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