52nd Angami Sports Association Wrestling 2024 begins

The 52nd Angami Sports Association Wrestling meet 2024 was held today at the Khuochiezie (Kohima Local ground).
The 52nd Angami Sports Association Wrestling meet 2024 was held today at the Khuochiezie (Kohima Local ground).

BY | Saturday, 16 March, 2024

Chief Guest, Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio, in his speech highlighted the extraordinary appeal of Angami wrestling, noting its unparalleled ability to draw large crowds compared to other sports. He commended the dedicated organizers for their efforts in gathering athletes from diverse backgrounds, paying homage to the cherished heritage of our ancestors. “Through their endeavors, wrestling has experienced a surge in popularity and growth, gaining recognition not just nationally but on an international scale, a source of great pride for the people of Nagaland,” maintained Rio.

Emphasizing the need for broader promotion of wrestling, the Chief Minister passionately urged players, organizers, and leaders to unite in advancing the sport’s reach beyond its current boundaries. He celebrated the burgeoning reputation of Naga wrestlers across Asia, underscoring the importance of preserving the unique indigenous sports while also enhancing their appeal by incorporating styles like freestyle and belt wrestling. This dual approach, Rio suggested, would not only safeguard our cultural treasures but also contribute to their evolution and wider acceptance.

“As a united state, we can establish comprehensive rules and regulations, fostering solidarity and collaboration to propel us to national and international prominence,” said Rio.

The Chief Minister further added, “By welcoming inclusivity, we recognize that wrestling is no longer solely a male domain but also a flourishing arena for women, warranting equal promotion and participation.”

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Announcing Nagaland’s upcoming hosting of the Asia belt wrestling event this winter, the Chief Minister called upon all associations and unions to converge in harmony, transcending tribal divisions to strategize and unite for this prestigious tournament. Emphasizing the ethos of fair play and justice inherent in the sport, Rio reflected on its unifying power to bring people together, transcending tribal identities within a realm where camaraderie and sportsmanship reign supreme.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister encouraged individuals to actively engage with the Northeast Olympic Association. Assuring unwavering government support for the promotion of these athletic endeavors, Rio called upon all stakeholders to cultivate a strong sense of competitive sportsmanship and wholeheartedly participate in these events.

During the inaugural, Er. Lhoubeizo Kesiyie delivered the presidential address. The program was earlier chaired by Seyievilhou Nagi, while Rev.Vicavor Krose, Mezoma Baptist church pastor blessed the program with invocation.

Lita Kro-u and Lidi Kro-u Kohima village presented folk tune while Visakrol Vitsu lead the administering of the oath.

34 years old Meguovizo Visenyü was declared the oldest wrestler while Therhüjavi Terhüja of 17 years has been considered the youngest wrestler.

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