A festival dedicated to Mopungchuket’s native plant Ongjinaro: MCTS announces inaugural Ongjinaro Festival


BY | Wednesday, 13 December, 2023

The Mopungchuket Community Tourism Society (MCTS) today announced its plans for the first Ongjinaro Festival, scheduled to take place on December 14 and 15, 2023, at Süngkotenem Park, Mopungchuket village, 20 km from Mokokchung town.

During the two-day festival, visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness Ongjinaro in its natural habitat, showcased in enchanting groves. The festival promises a delightful array of attractions, including authentic Ao Naga cuisine, fast food, sticky rice specialties, dried and dehydrated local food products, fresh and dried flowers, ethnic handloom and jewelry, handicrafts, music, and beverages. For families, there will be a dedicated kids’ play zone, allowing children to partake in the festivities. Attendees can also experience the charm of a traditional Ao Naga house. The highlight of the festival will be a live music and DJ session on December 15, commencing at 5:00 PM.

The inaugural ceremony on December 14 at 10:30 AM will feature Tsukti Longkumer, the esteemed President of the Mokokchung Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), as the special guest.

In a press release, the Society stated that the Ongjinaro Festival is not only a celebration of the festive spirit but also an initiative to propel Mopungchuket tourism to new heights. “At the heart of the festival is the promotion of the native ‘Ongjinaro’ plant, scientifically known as Sarcandra glabra. This unique plant, endemic to the village, has adorned Christmas celebrations for decades, earning the endearing moniker ‘local holly’ among the locals,” stated the Society.

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Mopungchuket villagers, renowned for their enterprising spirit, have successfully marketed Ongjinaro beyond their village, reaching as far as Kohima, Dimapur, and other regions. In a visionary move, MCTS has sought collaborations with government agencies and interested entities to explore the commercial potential of Ongjinaro as a cash crop.

The Ongjinaro plant, a shade-loving ornamental species, requires minimal input for mass propagation and thrives in backwoods homesteads. The MCTS has also extended an invitation to biologists and biotech experts to study the plant for potential medicinal applications.

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