Accessibility benefits everyone, not only the disabled community: Diethono Nakhro

BY | Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Chief Minister Neiphui Rio announced that a Corpus fund would be created for Persons with Disabilities, with an amount of one crore rupees which will be sanctioned in the next budget session. The fund can be used as capital and the earnings of it can be used for other activities of the disability community, said Rio.

Chief Minister made the announcement at the launch of Disability Pride Fair 2023 as the Special Guest, here at Kisama, the Naga Heritage Village. The Disability Pride Fair 2023 is being launched to commemorate International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3. The fair is an inclusive platform to recognize the unwavering determination of individuals with disabilities and to promote their active inclusion in society. By focusing on their abilities and contributions, this fair seeks to challenge stereotypes and foster a more inclusive and understanding community. It also serves as a platform to raise awareness about disability issue.

Admitting that the State has much to do for the disability community, Rio said, a State Level Committee will be set up to look into the welfare of the disability community which will be headed by the State Chief Secretary as the Chairman and members will be included from various other departments. Two rehabilitation centers will also be set up in Mon and Tuensang districts, added Rio. Rio lauded the State Commissioner for persons with disabilities, Diethono Nakhro, under whose leadership the Fair is being held.

While appreciating the state government for taking significant steps for the disability community, Diethono Nakhro, State Commissioner for PwD also highlighted the fact that the disability sector was badly neglected in the State for a very long time and so, despite the strong support and cooperation of the government of the day, the community is barely beginning to scratch the surface and have a very long way to go still.

“The disability sector organisation and groups working on the ground through sweat and tears in areas like education, rehabilitation, skill development, continues to face funding support,” stated Nakhro.

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Asserting that the world is now turning to accessible tourism and investing in making tourism inclusive and accessible to all, Nakhro emphasized on the need to continue to push forward in making the State a top tourist destination. “We cannot afford to keep ignoring the aspect of Accessible and Inclusive Tourism, which is all about making travel and tourism destinations, products, services, and information suitable for all those who have particular accessibility needs – and this does not only mean the disabled community, it includes the elderly and travellers with young children. Accessibility benefits everyone, not only the disabled community,” she added.

The Fair holds immense significance for individuals with disabilities, their families and the wider community. The event is expected to send a powerful message of solidarity, acceptance, and the shared belief that everyone has a valuable role to play in building a more inclusive society.

It was truly a disability pride fair in every sense of the word as this empowering initiative featured a comprehensive display and sale of handicraft items, skillfully made by individuals with disabilities, underscoring their entrepreneurial spirit, and their ability to triumph over adversities.


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