AH&VS Kiphire organises 4 days Capacity Building Training on Meat Production

Kiphire: Non-availability of sufficient quality of piglets at affordable price big constraint, says Dr Tsilise

BY | Monday, 27 May, 2024

The 4 days Capacity Building Training on Meat Production, organised by the Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Kiphire commenced today at Hopongkyu Memorial Hall, Kiphire Town, informed DIPR.

Dr. Tsilise, District Livestock Development Officer (DLDO), in his introduction and keynote address, said that Kiphire District is one of the potential areas for Livestock and Poultry farming due to its suitable climatic conditions. Availability of raw materials for feeds is also one of the main contribution factors for developing under this sector as good quantity of maize and other fodders are produced in the district, he added.

The DLDO also stated that many waste lands which are unsuitable for agriculture purpose can also be used for fodders cultivation/ mithun/goat rearing etc. He highlighted that there is a large scope for livestock and poultry endeavour in the district.

Dr Tsilise pointed out that despite of the district’s potential, meat availability in the district as per the 20th Livestock Census is 50 percent of its requirements. We focus on pork because pork consumption in Kiphire is 70-80 percent, he said.

Now, non-availability of sufficient quality of piglets at affordable price for rearing and procuring of concentrated Feeds from outside the district, despite of abundant availability of raw materials for feeds are some of the main constrains for successful livestock and poultry industry in the district. Therefore, he suggested for setting up “Pig Breeding Farms” and “Feed Processing Plants”, at strategic locations in the district will achieve self – sufficiency in “Meat Production”.

Dr. Khumjungse, VAS, Resource Person, spoke on the topic “Scope of Piggery farming in the District”. Scope of Poultry farming was also delivered by Dr. Talitemjen, VAS Resource Person in the program. The program was chaired by Lithrongtsi, Junior Farm Manager.

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