ALKAT Wokha Town celebrates Silver Jubilee

Wokha: Rev Longkumer challenges womenfolk to take responsibility to brighten darkness in others’ lives

BY | Saturday, 11 November, 2023

The Wokha Town ALKAT, Association of Ao women folk married to the Lotha community, celebrated its Silver Jubilee at Likya Community Hall, Wokha Town on Saturday.

The theme speaker on the occasion was Rev. Ngangnen Longkumer, Pastor, Wokha Town Ao Baptist Church. Rev Longkumer reminded the gathering that ALKAT faced a lot of challenges and hurdles during its formation but it also received plenty of blessings as well. He urged the gathering to look back, remember the things they have done 25 years back and reflect on their achievement with gratitude.

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Speaking on the theme “Brighten the Light Where You are”, Rev Longkumer said that one needs to understand that there is darkness in the place where we live in and accept the responsibility to brighten that darkness through the Holy Spirit. He stated that in this generation, there are old and young who are still in the dark, engaging in toxic substances, satanic worship, adultery, thinking that they are enjoying their lives without realizing they are living in the dark. He reminded that one can find the real light in our Lord Jesus Christ while stating that a man who is not with Jesus Christ will suffer in the dark place.

The Speaker also cited the example of the sun brightening the earth and urged the gathering to let the 25th years Jubilee be a blessed one by unifying as one in God.

Rev. Abemo Jungio, Pastor Wokha Town Baptist Church launched the ALKAT Wokha Town Jubilee Souvenir during the program and also offered the dedicatory prayer for the same.

The program was chaired by Yupungla Shitiri, invocation by Lolenla Kikon, welcome address was delivered by Abenla Ezung, exhortation by Y. Ben Lotha and benediction by Lucy Yanthan.

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