Amahator Area GB’s Union demands clarification of funds sanctioned under PMAY (G) scheme

Kiphire: The District RD officers have been demanding Rs 78,000 out of Rs 1,30,000 to purchase CGI sheet in the second instalment which is against the very guidelines of the scheme, states the union

BY | Saturday, 10 September, 2022

In a complaint letter dated 11 August 2022, the Amahator Area GB’s Union wrote to DC Kiphire for intervention in the matter relating to the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), Kiphire and Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY) Gramin (G) Scheme.

Speaking to Nagaland Tribune, the secretary of Amahator Area GB’s Union – who is also a beneficiary of the scheme – stated the claims of the union that the beneficiaries under the scheme have every right to receive the required monetary amount to construct their house as per the Guidelines of the scheme. However, the District RD officers have been demanding Rs 78,000 out of Rs 1,30,000 to purchase CGI sheet in the second instalment. This, the Union claims, is against the very guidelines of the scheme.

To discuss the matter, the joint bodies of Amahator GB’s Union and all VCC’s held a meeting on 2 August and made a resolution not to submit the stated amount by the DRDA and to demand clarification from the department in the matter.

As per the source, the DRDA was asked to give a clarification on the matter to the district administration by 17 August but there has not been any response from the department in the matter till now.

Response of Project Director RD, Kiphire

Nagaland Tribune spoke to Tali Yanger, the Project Director of RD, Kiphire about the complaint letter by Amahator Area GB’s Union. In response, Yanger said the department used to engage vendors for supply of roofing materials in the past and following that practice, they had done the same this time. However, in the last moment, the ministry of Rural Development refused to engage any vendors for supply of CGI sheet and other roofing materials, he said.

The project director further said the second instalment under the scheme has been credited to the beneficiaries but the issue now is that the vendors have already acquired the raw materials and reached the district HQ, which has put the department in a fix.

The department would like to request both the vendors and beneficiaries to come to a mutual understanding and bring about the solution in the matter, he said.

Yanger further stated that out of the total amount of Rs 88,000 added in the beneficiaries’ account, Rs 78,000 was to be given back to the vendor and the remaining Rs 10,000 was to be used for transportation of raw materials to the respective village beneficiaries.

He stressed that in the future this practice of involving vendors will not be entertained and that this was just a one-time occurrence. From now on, the beneficiaries will receive the amount directly without the involvement of vendors, he stated.

The director hoped that the GB’s union and the beneficiaries would understand the situation of the department and come forward in the matter.

He also gave the assurance that the acquired materials fit the specifications of the scheme. Therefore, whether the department or beneficiaries buy the materials, it’s all the same, he said.

The response letter to the Amahator Area GB’s union to the DC dated 11 August will soon be responded to, said the Project Director of Rural Development, Kiphire.


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