Annual review meeting for 14 JICA project villages conducted in Mokokchung

Mokokchung: The NFMP JICA Project under Mokokchung Division has been successfully implementing in all the project villages since 2020

BY | Tuesday, 11 April, 2023
Annual review meeting for 2022-23 of JICA project villages in Mokokchung.

The Divisional Management Unit Mokokchung (DMU) for JICA project in Mokokchung held the annual review meeting for 2022-23 on Tuesday, Mokokchung Forest Division informed. The meeting was attended by all the 14 villages with representatives from Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC) and Self Help Groups (SHG). All the JFMC president has given PowerPoint presentations on their ongoing works and the SHGs has also presented their activities.

Success stories of raising Khokon Nursery was shared by Sademmar Mongsenyimti, JFMC President and Bendangjungshi, Longmisa, JFMC Treasurer. The programme was chaired by Aosungla, Forester-I, welcome address was given by Ailong Phom, ADMU head.

All the works captured through mobile app on the field at the project villages were presented by the Forest Personnels of each village through online Web GIS Portal. Facilitating NGOs are also working under each DMU for facilitating the JFMCs and SHGs, the NDO (Nagaland Development Outreach) works as an FNGO with the Mokokchung DMU.

The Team Leader of the FNGO, Akumtoshi has presented on the successful implementation of various convergence programme and one such activity is the Direct Aid Programme from the Australian Consulate which was implanted by the Merangkong JFMCs. Vote of thanks was pronounced by Moamongba, Assistant Conservator Of Forests Cum FMU Head, Changtongya.

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The Nagaland Forest Management Project (NFMP) is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with the aim to improve forest ecosystem and support income generation by rehabilitation of Jhum area and provision of Livelihood support thereby contributing to sustainable forest and environmental Conservation and Livelihood improvement.

The NFMP JICA Project under Mokokchung Division has been successfully implementing in all the project villages since 2020. Under the Batch-1 Villages – Changtongya New, Mopungchuket and Mongsenyimti – they had covered plantation sites and Conservation sites of 1022 Hectare planting around 1,80,000 nos of saplings. The villagers has been raising nursery in small quantites before coming of the project, however with the help of the project, the Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs) are able to raise in terms of thousands incorporating their traditional knowledge and technical knowledge. After planting in their intervention sites, they are able to provide saplings to the villagers as well as other department projects.

Under the Batch-2, there are 6 villages comprising of Sungratsu. Chakpa, Longmisa, Salulemang, Merangkong and Yaongyimsen. The total area covered under plantation and Conservation site is 2400 Hectare and seedlings planted is around 4,20,000. The villagers under Batch-II has also picked the expertise of documenting flora and fauna through camera-traps.

The Batch 3 Villages for the current year to be taken up are Aliba, Chungtia, Longkong, Longpa and Kelingmen.

Under the Batch I and II villages 27 SHGs has been formed and various Income Generating Activities are being done by the respective groups after prior approval from the JFMCs, the Mokokchung Forest Division stated.

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