Aquarium Unit on Fish Germplasm of Nagaland inaugurated in Dimapur

Dimapur: Nagaland’s infantry of fish species includes indigenous fishes collected and donated from 16 districts

BY | Monday, 15 May, 2023
Inauguration of the Aquarium Unit on Fish Germplasm of Nagaland on 23 May 2023

The Aquarium Unit on Fish Germplasm of Nagaland was inaugurated during the Capacity Building Programme for Farmers of Nagaland on Scientific Aquaculture on 13 May 2023 at the Brooder Fish Farm, Dimapur, DIPR informed.

The programme was organized by Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture and Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources with Dr. Pramoda K. Sahoo, Director of ICAR-CIFA.

Rongsennungba, Director of Fisheries & AR said that the Aquarium Unit on Fish Germplasm was the department’s dream project which was achieved through the help from CIFA. He said this centre is a resource for children and college students for their studies. Nagaland has a rich infantry of fish species where 42 Aquariums with indigenous fishes collected and donated from the 16 districts of Nagaland.

Dr Pramoda K. Sahoo, Director, ICAR- CIFA stated that a huge number of species is being imported into the country with a percentage of 60%. To take benefit of the huge species available, he requested the farmers and the stakeholders to pass them to the department instead of consuming them so that they can preserve that particular species. The new species will be preserved and will be researched to collect the information.

Dr Sahoo further asked the farmers and the Department to preserve different varieties of fish species and inspire the young generation to preserve new species of fish and urged the farmers to keep an aquarium in their households.

Brief highlights of the project were delivered by Dr Vimezo Kire, Deputy Director F&AR, who asked the staff to look after the new Aquarium so that the species will be well preserved. He said that this preserved Aquarium will help and inspire lots of children for them to study and get information about the different kinds of fish species in the upcoming future and hope that Nagaland will have the finest species of fish in the upcoming future.

This programme was chaired by Ketusielie Angami, Joint Director of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources. Dedication Prayer by Lanuakum Longchar, Asst. Pastor, DABA, and vote of thanks by Shamyung O. Ongh, SDFO, Shamator.

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