Arkong Ward holds Common Platform for candidates: One candidate excluded from key event

Mokokchung: Aongsen Aier expresses confusion and surprise about not being invited to address public

BY | Tuesday, 18 June, 2024

A common platform for the candidates in view of the upcoming Urban Local Body (ULB) Election 2024 for Ward number 3, Arkong Ward, was held at the Arkong Ward Community Hall, with two of the ward’s three candidates participating in the event on June 17.

The candidates from Arkong Ward include Imtitoshi Pongen, representing the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP); A Bendang Jamir, an Independent candidate (IND); and Aongsen Aier, also running independently (IND).

Imtitoshi Pongen, NDPP candidate for Arkong Ward -3

During the event, Imtitoshi Pongen expressed his commitment to serving the people to the best of his ability. He stated that if the ward supports him, he will work hard and that Arkong will be his eyes. While he refrained from making specific promises, he emphasized that, if elected, he would prioritize transparency and accountability based on the Municipal Act. Additionally, he sought the ward’s blessings and pledged to collaborate closely with the ward authority and the community.

A Bendang Jamir, Independent candidate for Arkong Ward -3

A Bendang Jamir, Independent candidate, addressed the gathering, mentioning that he had resigned from his position as Chairman of the ward to contest in the election. He noted that this election is taking place after 18 years and acknowledged the efforts of the All Ward Union Mokokchung, Dimapur, Kohima, and all town councils in achieving this milestone by amending the Municipal Act to better suit the Nagas. Jamir emphasized his commitment to opposing any law that could potentially infringe upon Article 371(A) during the implementation of the Nagaland Municipal Act. He informed the audience that he had thoroughly read all 74 pages of the Municipal Act of 2003 and highlighted areas requiring caution.

Jamir stated that he would not make any specific promises and explained that infrastructure development is uncertain. He informed the audience that he had previously served as a Town Committee Member and would focus on improving business establishments and the market system in Mokokchung Town. He stressed the importance of a competitive market and the need for public knowledge in its functioning. He also highlighted the critical issue of waste management, stating that the town faces significant challenges with dumping sites. He warned that without proper waste management, the town could become very dirty and emphasized the need for alternative solutions based on global best practices. Lastly, he expressed his desire for cooperation among the candidates, regardless of who wins, by sharing ideas and working together.

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During the program, the Arkong Ward secretary read out the ward’s rules and guidelines pertaining to the election.

It was learned that the third candidate, Aongsen Aier, was not included in the list of speakers during the common platform program. When questioned, the ward authority declined to comment on the omission, citing procedural matters of the ward council.

Aongsen Aier, Independent candidate for Arkong Ward -3

Later, Aier expressed confusion and surprise to the media about not being included in the list of candidates scheduled to address the public.

Aier recounted that a meeting was held last week with the ward authority, during which his candidature was thoroughly discussed, and clarification was provided regarding his status as a candidate. He noted that the ward authorities did not oppose his contesting in the election and allowed his campaign.

According to Aier, there might be some unresolved issues that led to his exclusion from addressing the program.

He appealed to the public not to be confused about his candidature, asserting that he will be contesting the election and will not withdraw. Aier, who has lived in Arkong Ward for 45 years, emphasized his deep understanding of the ward’s conditions. He stated, “Arkong Ward is my heart and soul,” and highlighted his participation in many activities for the Ward. He reaffirmed his commitment to working for Arkong Ward and contesting the election.

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