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‘I don’t think Trump is going to be the nominee’: Nikki Haley

Washington: Haley says she supports mental competency tests for US lawmakers and elected representatives over age of 75

/ 04 Sep, 2023

China economy in distress, its model is ‘broken’: WSJ

Washington: Senior officials recognise that the growth model of past decades has reached its limits

and / 21 Aug, 2023

US raised human rights concerns with India in past and will do so in future: Official

Washington: We oppose persecution of Christians and we oppose persecution of any religious group, says US State Dept Spokesperson

and / 08 Aug, 2023

Donald Trump indicted over efforts to overturn his 2020 election defeat

Washington: Indictment formally holds Trump accountable for his efforts to overturn 2020 presidential election results for first time

and / 02 Aug, 2023

US-India friendship among ‘most consequential’ in world: President Biden

Washington: Modi's visit saw India and the US signing several major deals to boost cooperation in key areas such as defence, space and trade

and / 26 Jun, 2023

PM Modi’s US visit not about leveraging India to be ‘counterweight’ to China: White House

Washington: Modi said "dark clouds of coercion and confrontation" are casting their shadow on the Indo-Pacific

and / 24 Jun, 2023

India, US plan to send Indian astronaut to International Space Station in 2024: Biden

Washington: Modi says India has decided to sign the Artemis Accords and taken a great leap forward

, and / 23 Jun, 2023

PM Modi talks of ‘bold’ steps; Biden lauds ‘one of the most defining relationships’ in 21st century

Washington: Modi and Biden to meet on all three days of Indian PM’s stay in Washington

, and / 22 Jun, 2023

US remains deeply confident in India’s diversification of defence equipment: Pentagon

Washington: Pentagon says it will continue to urge allies and partners to avoid transactions with Russia

and / 21 Jun, 2023

Rahul Gandhi says his disqualification from Lok Sabha has given him huge opportunity

Stanford (California): Gandhi emphasises he is not seeking support from anybody in his frequent foreign trips

and / 01 Jun, 2023

BJP can be defeated if Opposition is ‘aligned properly’: Rahul Gandhi in US

Santa Clara (US): Gandhi claims BJP is threatening people and misusing government agencies

and / 31 May, 2023

Far too many countries including Russia, India, China and Saudi Arabia continue to target faith community members: US official

Washington: Congressional-mandatory annual report on international religious freedom aims to highlight areas where freedom of religion or belief is being repressed

and / 16 May, 2023

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