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Amid conjunctivitis, eye flu surge, doctors warn against irrational use of steroid eye drops

New Delhi: Corticosteroids can lead to suppression of immune response, with consequent risk of secondary ocular infections

and / 06 Aug, 2023

Health Ministry asks states to report violations of e-cigarette ban on its portal

New Delhi: Rampant use of e-cigarettes has been observed among youth, including school children

and / 21 Jul, 2023

E-cigarettes ban violations: Centre issues public notice for stricter implementation of Act

New Delhi: Rampant use of E-cigarettes observed among the youth, including school children

and / 22 May, 2023

Report says 91 per cent deaths of preterm babies in low and middle income countries related to air pollution

New Delhi: Report suggests more investment is needed to specifically mitigate risks and to increase focus on women and babies

and / 21 May, 2023

Vaccination of girls against cervical cancer likely to begin in six states in June: Sources

New Delhi: In the first phase of the vaccination campaign, 2.55 crore girls are targeted in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh

/ 12 Feb, 2023

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