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Pope Gregory XIII gave us the leap year – but his legacy goes so much further

Sydney: In 1582, October 4 was followed directly by October 15, correcting the calendar’s alignment with astronomical reality

/ 01 Mar, 2024

Joe Biden has raised more than Trump so far – here’s how US election fundraising is working out

Essex: Recent research confirms consistent findings that campaign spending in US elections has a significant impact on support for candidates

/ 24 Feb, 2024

Navalny dies in prison, authorities say − but his blueprint for anti-Putin activism will live on

Indiana: Navalny survived Novichok poisoning only because international pressure forced the regime to allow him to be airlifted to Germany for treatment

/ 17 Feb, 2024

Why do Christians wear ashes on Ash Wednesday?

New York: Pope Urban II decreed the use of ashes to mark the beginning of a 40-day season of Lent

/ 14 Feb, 2024

The royals have historically been tight-lipped about their health – but that never stopped the gossip

New England (Aus): Announcement of Charles’s cancer diagnosis signals new approach by royals

/ 06 Feb, 2024

Myanmar’s misery: 3 years after the military coup, is there any end in sight for a ravaged country?

Melbourne: Myanmar’s crisis raises questions about ASEAN’s coherence when many members are seeking to balance strategic relations with both China and the US

/ 30 Jan, 2024

Drone attack on American troops risks widening Middle East conflict – and drawing in Iran-US tensions

Washington: Iran’s denial of involvement in attack makes it less likely that U.S. attacks Iran in retaliatory strikes

/ 30 Jan, 2024

Donald Trump’s stroll to victory in Iowa was a foregone conclusion. This doesn’t make it any less shocking

Melbourne: To an extent that is almost impossible to fathom, Trump continues to dominate the Republican Party

/ 17 Jan, 2024

Four tips for a healthy news diet in 2024, from an expert in media psychology

London: Instead of just scrolling through and clicking to the next article, take a moment to ask yourself questions about what you’ve just read

/ 04 Jan, 2024

How to make your life greener in 2024

London: By making small changes to our lifestyles, we can collectively move towards a more sustainable future

/ 29 Dec, 2023

What are the origins of Santa Claus?

Sydney: Santa Claus continues to embody the spirit of giving that characterised St Nicholas

/ 23 Dec, 2023

Merriam-Webster’s word of the year – authentic – reflects growing concerns over AI’s ability to deceive and dehumanize

Tennessee: According to publisher’s editor-at-large, Peter Sokolowski, word of 2023 represented “a kind of crisis of authenticity”

/ 17 Dec, 2023
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