Beauty with a purpose: Miss Sümi’s Silver Vision


BY | Thursday, 2 November, 2023

The Silver Vision is a society initiated in 2022 by the three silver queens of Zunheboto’s beauty pageant Miss Sümi along with a few other core members. Themed ‘The Silver Vision for a Greener Progression’, the Society projects the visions of the three Zunheboto beauty queens. In phase wise projects, the Silver Vision has introduced notable community services in collaboration with various organizations and communities in the district.

“The Silver Vision set out solely to better the environment through three particular aspects, i.e. Beautification, sanitation and recycling/upcycling. Our goal is definitely to bring a positive impact on our environment through our community welfare projects, promoting environment-friendly lifestyles and most importantly spreading awareness,” says Hikali Achumi, reigning Miss Nagaland 2022.

Achumi also mentions that Silver Vision has initiated phase wise projects in Zunheboto, all based on community service for the betterment of the environment-beautification, sanitation and sustainability. Last year, the Silver Vision initiated cleanliness drives in various parts of Zunheboto and set up eco-friendly garbage bins. Another notable project is the setting up of Mini Libraries accessible for the public. In February this year, the Silver Vision team in collaboration with the Miraculum Society Nagaland helped refurnish and renovate a the North Point Government Middle School in Zunheboto in order to create a better learning environment for the young learners.

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In a collaborative work, the Silver Vision also organised the Green Festival this year in July. The Green Festival held plantation drives and awareness campaigns through entertainment.

“We definitely want to take “The Silver Vision” to a higher, extended ground where we can  expand our work further, making the Silver Vision a long-lasting society, contributing towards a greener, fresher environment,” asserts Achumj.

On the promotion of beauty and its purpose for a progressive society, Achumi is of the view that Beauty pageants like Miss Sümi means a lot for young women in amplifying women empowerment. “It is about boosting our self-esteem, stepping out of our comfort zone and gradually helping us become the better version of ourselves, and Miss Sümi is one such platform where women can boldly voice out their opinions, their ideas and beliefs. It empowers women who are a part of it and those who are influenced in general,” opines Achumi. The Nagaland’s beauty queen is of the belief that such platforms contributes to bringing out a better, more confident and more capable version of woman.


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