BZ Entertainment completes 60-show Street Play Tour across Nagaland to promote HIV awareness

Kohima: BZ Entertainment delivers 10 Street Plays in 6 district, meticulously crafted to disseminate vital knowledge about HIV/AIDS

BY | Saturday, 24 February, 2024

BZ Entertainment has successfully concluded its extensive 60-show Street Play tour across six districts in Nagaland to disseminate awareness on HIV and eradicate discrimination. The three months mission was undertaken in collaboration with Nagaland State Aids Control Society (NSACS).

In a press release, BZ Entertainment, a distinguished Drama and Film Society, informed that the 60-day Street Play tour commenced in Dimapur at Super-Market on 17th November 2023. The tour travelled to Kohima, Peren, Tuensang, and Noklak before reaching Kiphire where the last show was performed on 17th February 2024.

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Over the course of the tour, BZ Entertainment delivered 10 impactful Street Plays in each district, engaging audiences with crucial information regarding HIV transmission and the imperative of testing, BZ Entertainment said.

Each Street Play was meticulously crafted to disseminate vital knowledge about HIV/AIDS while highlighting the importance of testing and combating societal stigma. Following every performance, the NSACS Mobile Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (MICTC) team offered complimentary blood tests for HIV and counseling services, ensuring that attendees had access to indispensable support and information.

In addition to delivering on-the-ground assistance, BZ Entertainment took proactive measures to empower attendees by prominently displaying the contact details of the District Programme Officers (DPOs) at every venue. This initiative enables individuals to inquire about their HIV status and seek further assistance, reinforcing the organization’s steadfast commitment to aiding those impacted by HIV/AIDS.

BZ Entertainment asserted that it believes in the transformative influence of art and culture in driving societal change, and this collaboration exemplifies their dedication to utilizing creative expression as a catalyst for positive transformation.

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