Call for Change in Nagaland: Addressing Corruption and Governance

BY | Friday, 14 June, 2024

The growing discontent among the people of Nagaland towards their political leaders is evident. There is a strong sentiment that the 60 MLAs should resign from their seats. The Chief Minister should take moral responsibility, step down voluntarily, and call for a fresh mandate or hand over to younger and more innovative upcoming politicians. Many believe that only under President’s Rule can we hope to see significant changes, such as minimized tax deductions and timely salary payments for government employees.

NPSC results were declared on 3 July 2023. Appointment orders were issued on 30 November 2023, and posting orders on 11 January 2024. Despite this, there has been non- payment of salaries from December 2023 to May 2024. This affects 116 subject teachers under the school education department, who have faced six months of non-payment.

An RTI has been submitted to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nagaland, questioning the legality of tax deductions from contracts and supplies for Ministers or Advisors. We are hopeful for a favourable response that will address this issue.

It Is concerning that all the MLAs want to be part of the ruling government, creating an opposition-less government. This situation allows the government to operate with free rein, leading to mistrust among the people, especially after the failures in the recent MP Lok Sabha elections. It appears more like a dictatorship than a democracy, with a significant focus on developing Kohima and Chümoukedima while neglecting other areas.

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The absence of a common minimum program further highlights the issues within the current administration. The root of the electoral problems lies in the practice of selling votes for money, undermining the democratic process.

The Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) has been vocal about their demand for Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT), and their concerns seem legitimate. The government’s step-motherly treatment towards them must be addressed.

A true leader must be willing to acknowledge their mistakes and reflect on them. It is crucial for the upcoming youth to organize a people’s movement to restore Nagaland to its former glory. Our collective efforts can bring about the much-needed change and ensure a corruption-free land where the government serves its people with integrity and transparency.

By coming together, we can hold our leaders accountable and work towards a better future for Nagaland. Let us unite and take a stand for good governance, transparency, and the welfare of our state.

Bendang Imsong

Social Activist, Mokokchung


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