Canon conducts workshop on mirrorless technology at Kisama

Kisama: Participants get insights into photography fundamentals and latest in mirrorless technologies

BY | Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Canon imparted knowledge on advanced photography and the benefits of mirrorless technology at a workshop held at the HIP Fest gallery in Kisama on Sunday. According to DIPR, the event covered various topics, including the technical aspects of mirrorless technology, challenges faced in the field, and a Q&A session with enthusiastic participants.

Key highlights of the workshop included discussions on Canon cameras, insights into the intricacies of mirrorless technology, and the evolving landscape of DSLR advancements. The training actively engaged participants, encouraging questions related to cameras, photography fundamentals, and the latest in mirrorless technologies.

The Canon team leading the training comprised Subhajit, Senior Territory Manager; Aninod Basu, Mentor; and Bandeep Khound, Sales Support Officer. The collaboration for this insightful session involved Canon, Portrait Studio, and the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR).

Attendees included members from the Photography Club Kohima, Photography Enthusiasts, freelance photographers, HIP Fest members, and other individuals.

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