Chang Khulei Setshang resolves to abstain from ULB elections following joint meeting

BY | Saturday, 1 June, 2024

The Chang Khulei Setshang (Chang Tribal Council) convened a joint coordination meeting on June 1 at CTS Hall Tuensang with various organisations and groups to deliberate on the abstention of ULB elections in Nagaland.

According to a press release issued by the CKS, the meeting was held with CTS (Changsao Thangjam Setshang), CWS (Chang Wedoshi Setshang), Khiamniungan Union Tuensang Town, Phom Union Tuensang Town, Sangtam Union Tuensang Town, Tikhir Union Tuensang Town, Yimkhiung Union Tuensang Town, AWUTT (All Ward Union Tuensang Town), leaders of 15 wards of Tuensang Town and various political leaders of Tuensang based political parties.

The meeting deliberated on abstention from the upcoming Nagaland State ULB election 2024. During the meeting the political parties made an appeal to reconsider the ENPO resolution for non participation in the ULB election, however, the house comprising of various tribal unions voiced out in unison to remain abstained from the same.

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“The resolution for non participation in the upcoming ULB election is resolutely reaffirmed in line with the entirety of Eastern Nagaland jurisdiction to show its resentment against the failure of the authority to fulfill its assurance on the protracted ENPO demand,” stated council.


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