Chang Students Union, Saksi hold Sales Day with dual purpose

Tuensang: Products sold on Saturday were procured from three villages

BY | Saturday, 8 July, 2023

The Chang Students’ Union, Saksi organised a Sales day on Saturday morning at daily market, Main Gate, NAP, Saksi, Tuensang. The Sales Day was held to raise fund for the students body and the primary aim was to promote the local agricultural products and handicrafts of the area.

T. Chollen, president of Chang Students’ Union, Saksi shared with Nagaland tribune that the people living in the rural areas get few opportunities to promote their products and their skills. Therefore, the union decided to organise the Sales Day to provide such an avenue.

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The products that were sold on Saturday were procured from three villages – Chendang, Chingmai and Sipongsang.

All vegetables, fruits, green leaves, grains, pulses and spices were organics and included local potatoes, beans, cabbage, carrot, radish, beetroot, cucumber, lychee, eggplant, maize, spring onion and Sichuan pepper. Handicrafts items like carrying basket (khang), baskets, wooden rice spoon etc. were also sold.

The organisers, Chang Students Union, Saksi were satisfied with the results of the Sales Day.

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