DBHSS Wokha conducts field cultivation training for students to preserve indigenous cultural practices

Wokha: Agriculture serves as a platform for learning, shapes culture: Principal

BY | Friday, 4 August, 2023
Class 12 students of DBHSS Wokha during the field cultivation training program on 3 August 2023

In an effort to promote and preserve cultural practices, a field cultivation lesson and training were provided to the class 12 students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School (DBHSS), Wokha, on Thursday at the school premises.

During the program, Rev. Fr. TC Joseph, Principal, DBHSS Wokha, emphasized on the importance of preserving one’s own culture. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves,” he highlighted that agriculture, as humanity’s earliest and largest occupation, sustains life and constructs culture.

He explained that agriculture serves as a platform for learning, shaping our culture as we cultivate and thereby contributing to the community. He added that agriculture teaches optimism and a positive life attitude, while traditional songs are passed down during the process of cultivation.

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Expressing the need for a symbiotic relationship with the Earth, which in turn sustains life, the principal underlined its significance in the present age of globalization. He expressed hope that introducing students to indigenous cultural practices would benefit them beyond academics, instilling values like hard work, patience, and the rewards of personal effort.

He also extended gratitude to farmers and the cultivating community for providing society with essential needs.

Fr. Joseph also highlighted the significance of the National Education Policy (NEP), mentioning that vocational and skill development subjects will soon be integrated into the curriculum. He noted that Don Bosco Wokha is currently offering various vocational and skill development activities to its students.

Encouraging the students, Assistant Teacher Rumben Murry urged them to adopt and preserve the cultural heritage of their ancestors. He stressed the importance of promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Lotha tribe, especially in today’s rapidly changing world.

The event at DBHSS Wokha was organized through the initiative of Marcus Lotha, Language Teacher, and Assistant Teacher Rumben Murry.

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