DIPR Nagaland invites entries for Short Film Competition

Kohima: Entries can be drama/ comedy/ satire and folklores, including animation

BY | Tuesday, 17 October, 2023

The Nagaland Department of Information & Public Relations is inviting entries for a Short Film Competition that it will be organising with the aim to promote development of films and provide a platform to the enthusiasts through the competition. The selected entries will be screened during the 4th Nagaland Film Festival 2023, DIPR informed.

Besides, the 1st Prize will carry cash prize of Rs 50,000, while the 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize will carry sum of Rs 40,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively. DIPR said that there will be three consolation prizes with an award of Rs 20,000 each.

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The films can be in any language with English subtitles and can be the form of drama/ comedy/ satire and folklores, including animation.  Additionally, it should be appropriate for all ages to view, DIPR informed.

The last date of submission of entries for the Short Film Competition is 15th November 2023.

DIPR has provided nine themes for the competition –

  1. “A Moment in Time” – Challenge filmmakers to capture a significant moment in
    a character’s life.
  2. Hidden Connections” – Explore the unexpected links between people, places,
  3. “Through a Child’s Eyes” – Show the world from a child’s perspective, emphasizing innocence and wonder.
  4. “Invisible Struggles” – Shed light on unseen challenges that people face in their daily lives.
  5. “The Power of Words” – Highlight the impact of language and communication.
  6. “Parallel Realities” – Showcase two different worlds or stories running in parallel.
  7. “Urban Legends” – Create a modern twist on a classic urban legend.
  8. “The Art of Survival” – Depict how individuals adapt and thrive in challenging circumstances.
  9. “A Glimpse of Tomorrow” – Envision the future and how it might look or feel.

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