GBs, district administration and local organisations collaborate to tackle high drugs usage in Kiphire

Kiphire: The collective team destroyed ganja plants found around Kiphire town

BY | Wednesday, 31 August, 2022

In light of the high rise of drug usage by teenagers and adults in Kiphire district, the GBs of Kiphire along with the district administration, tribal bodies, police officers, UGs and chairmen of all the wards came together at the GB’s Hall in Kiphire town on 29 August and adopted a resolution to fight against drugs usage, particularly ganja (cannabis).

Ganja plants are grown by some households around town which the owners claim serve as healthy feed for pigs. Working together, the team comprising of the GBs, police officers, ward chairmen and other organisations collected ganja from all the 11 wards of Kiphire town on 31 August and destroyed them outside the GB’s Court.

Warning those involved in growing ganja plants that they would be punished according to the law, the team also resolved to expel any individual or groups found involved in dealing with and selling drugs from Kiphire district for ten years. In addition, if any person were to be found using ganja or other drugs, that person along with all the members of the house would be taken for a public procession.

Speaking to Nagaland Tribune, the chairman of Jail Ward Kiphire stated how the team is aware of the problem of drugs usage and assured to work further in the future to eradicate the high drugs usage in Kiphire.


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