Gorkha Students’ Union Mokokchung organizes grand 209th Bhanu Jayanti Celebration


BY | Thursday, 13 July, 2023

The Gorkha Students’ Union in Mokokchung hosted a magnificent celebration at the Town Hall on Thursday to mark the 209th Bhanu Jayanti, a special occasion observed globally by Gorkhas. The event, which commemorates the birth anniversary of the renowned poet and writer Bhanubhakta Acharya, was a vibrant showcase of the rich cultural heritage and literary prowess of the Nepali community.

The celebration was graced by the presence of Colonel Rahul Gurung Kirti Chakra, Commandant of the 12th Assam Rifles, as the Chief Guest. Joining him was Sushri Sangeeta Sharma, Principal of Jubilee Memorial School, who attended as the Guest of Honour. The esteemed guests delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing the values of unity, harmony, and mutual co-existence within the Gorkha community.

Colonel Rahul Gurung commended the organizers for their efforts in putting together the celebration and stressed the importance of unity among the Gorkhas. He highlighted the need for the community to serve as an example of harmony and unity to the rest of the world.

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Sushri Sangeeta Sharma, in her address, emphasized the significance of human values and virtues. As an educator, she urged parents not to compare their children’s academic achievements with those of others, emphasizing the importance of moral character and good deeds alongside educational qualifications.

The festivities featured a variety of events that showcased the best of traditional attire and ornaments. Attendees were treated to vibrant cultural dances, captivating poetry recitations, and soul-stirring musical performances, all reflecting the beauty and diversity of Nepali culture.

During the celebration, prominent educationists and professionals from various fields within the Gorkha Community were felicitated for their contributions. Additionally, a literary event held prior to the Bhanu Jayanti Celebration program saw the presentation and distribution of prizes to deserving participants.

The grand celebration witnessed an impressive gathering of more than 500 attendees, comprising not only members of the Gorkha community but also distinguished invitees from various organizations and departments. The event served as a testament to the unity and inclusivity that Bhanu Jayanti fosters among the Nepali diasporas.

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