Heavy rains cuts off major road link in Chessore, Shamator


BY | Saturday, 20 April, 2024

Torrential rainfall accompanied by hailstones in Chessore under Shamator district has cut off a major road connection today.

The Muksuhki road which connects two districts (Tuensang and Shamator) and eight villages has totally been destroyed following the heavy rains leading to flash floods and mudslides.

It has been reported that the bridge of Muksuhki has resulted in flooding triggered by the incessant rain. A source from Chessore also informed that network connectivity and electricity has been affected.

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The torrential rain has also severely damaged fisheries in Chessore leading to loss of fish stock.

Another village source expressed apprehension that the global climate change which has caused extreme weather outbursts throughout Nagaland can affect agriculture.


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