Hornbill Festival 2023 Artisans: Meet Neizelieü


BY | Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Neizelieü’s dedication to weaving and selling baskets and her commitment to providing for her family began with no business knowledge or experience. Setting up her stall for the second year at the Hornbill Festival, Neizelieü shares her journey with Nagaland Tribune at the Hornbill Festival 2023, Kisama, the Naga Heritage village.

Acknowledging the Hornbill Festival for providing her a valuable platform to showcase her exquisite work and connect with a broader customer base, Neizelieü recognises the festival as a boon for her business. The exposure and opportunities provided at the festival have evidently played a pivotal role in expanding her reach and securing sales. It was also learned that her  finely crafted baskets are bought by many tourist and locals too.

Neizelieü’s baskets are priced within the range of Rs.200 to Rs.800, reflecting the accessibility and affordability of her products.

She began her business journey going door-to-door to sell her baskets and utilizing word-of-mouth marketing through her family and friends, underscoring her dedication and resourcefulness in promoting her business.

“Through the support and patronage of attendees and customers, artisans like us are able to sustain and grow our businesses, thereby preserving and enriching the local tapestry,” says Neizelieü.

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The Hornbill festival, has over the years, acted as a catalyst for local artisans and entrepreneurs like Neizelieü which provides them with a platform to thrive and support their family through their handicrafts. Neizelieü’s story is a testament to the transformative power of cultural events like the Hornbill Festival, which not only celebrate tradition and artistry but also have a tangible impact on the livelihoods of small local entrepreneurs.

As Neizelieü continues to weave her beautiful baskets and participate in festivals like the Hornbill Festival, her story serves as an inspiring example of the impact of community support and platforms for local entrepreneurs. Her dedication and creativity exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship, and her work adds depth and authenticity to the cultural landscape celebrated at events like the Hornbill Festival.

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