Hornbill Festival 2023 Artisans: The Naga Feather by Ruovilhoukho Chuzho


BY | Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Despite facing financial constraints that hindered further academic pursuits, Ruovilhoukho Chuzho carved his own destiny with ‘The Naga Feather’ which he founded in 2016.

The Naga Feather Is a handicraft based enterprise committed to championing eco-friendly alternatives, with a focused goal of supplanting plastic products with the utilization of bamboo and wooden creations.

After receiving training at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Kohima, Chuzho honed his skill and crafted his path towards artisanal handicraft.

Reflecting on his humble beginnings and limited educational background, Chuzho attested his commitment to leveraging and nurturing his innate talents and capabilities to carve out a meaningful vocation for himself. Today, his dedication has witnessed fruition, as he proudly oversees a team of seven regular employees, with additional skilled individuals engaged on a contractual basis.

His ability to not only provide for his family but also to expand his business and incorporate his vision for a sustainable, eco-friendly future bears witness to the transformative power of unwavering determination and steadfast pursuit of one’s dreams, regardless of the perceived scale. The Naga Feather’s proactive approach to broadening reach and market presence is evident through participation in exhibitions, where Chuzho showcases his distinct creations. By doing so, he has fostered valuable connections with suppliers beyond the borders of Nagaland, illustrating his ambition to expand his craft’s influence beyond local boundaries.

While discussing the pricing of his artisanal offerings at the Hornbill Festival, Ruovilhoukho candidly explained that the slight increase in prices, up to Rs.50, aims to offset the logistical and transportation expenses incurred in bringing his wares to the festival venue and the other expenses.

The range of his craft products is valued between Rs.200 to Rs.800 from Keychains to cups, trays and home decors.


Chuzho’s journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s talents, seizing opportunities for skill development, and navigating the entrepreneurial landscape with steadfast determination.

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His entrepreneurial endeavors extend beyond the realm of craftsmanship, as evidenced by the establishment of “The Naga Feather.” Under his proprietorship, this venture has flourished and diversified, comprising three branch teams dedicated to bamboo construction, in collaboration with architects, furniture crafting, and the production of exquisite handicrafts. He also added that his commitment to community enrichment is the provision of training opportunities for aspiring youths, fostering skill development and promoting local talent.

While navigating the intricacies of the market landscape, Ruovilhoukho shared the challenges faced, particularly the issue of timely payments within the marketing sphere, with special emphasis on the context of Nagaland, inherent in sustaining and growing a business, underscoring the need for equitable and efficient transactional processes, particularly within the local market .

An area of strength for “The Naga Feather” lies in its adaptive production strategy, tailored to the availability of raw materials. This proactive approach ensures a seamless and efficient sourcing process, minimizing potential hurdles and enabling a steady flow of production, indicative of Ruovilhoukho’s adept management of the logistical aspects of his business. Chuzho mentioned that his principled stance is reflected in his targeted approach to supply to hotels and resorts, imparting a persuasive message advocating for the adoption of environmentally sustainable materials over plastic, aligning with the ethos of responsible and conscientious business practices.

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