HVSU demands immediate action against erring teachers at Hurong village GMS

Kiphire: The Hurong Village Students Union writes letter to the SDEO of Kiphire requesting immediate action

BY | Monday, 22 August, 2022

The Hurong Village Students Union (HVSU) today in its letter to the SDEO, Kiphire has demanded for immediate action against two of the teachers under GMS Hurong.  In the letter, the union points out that Shri Thsitongri (PT) and Madam Yangthsala (PT) “in many occasion abstain from their duties”. The union has requested that the DEO office take immediate action for the two teachers to report to their place of posting “within two days from the issue of this letter”, before the union takes its own course of action.

HVSU in its meeting today with the DEO, Kiphire has also questioned the integrity of the DEO in matters relating to the special leave granted to the respective teachers mentioned in the letter.



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