In tune with Toshi Yimkhiung


BY | Saturday, 6 July, 2024

A singer and songwriter hailing from Dimapur, Toshi Yimkhiung has captivated audiences with his soulful melodies such as “Oh,Itsupe”and “Akuk Kuthran”

With several accolades and well known for his versatility, Yimkhiung has been instrumental in fostering local talent as the District Partner for TaFMA, Open House 2.0 in Shamator District.

“Music has always been a part of my life at a very young age. In 2015, I decided to take music as my full time job. It’s been a while and I am blessed with what music has been offering me and has to offer. YouTube is my major platform where I can share my music to the people around” says Yimkhiung in an interaction with Nagaland Tribune.

On being inspired by music, Toshi says that he draw inspiration from everything and everyone around him.

The Artist also shared the struggles of choosing music as a career which in the past had been difficult to earn a decent living. A few years ago, only a few musicians could be successful in the music industry. However, looking back, the trajectory has changed and people are getting more attentions through the advent of various social media platforms.

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“People are able to network and market their music which also helps them pay their bills.  I believe, we just have to come out of our comfort zone and try to master our creativity every day,” shares Yimkhiung. If one is to choose music as a career, Yimkhiung says, “It’s not an option, it’s a priority.”

To the upcoming younger musician, Toshi encouraged, “Remember to live your dream, Remember to live everyday. If you’re good in anything, don’t waste it. Talent is a gift from above, make use of it but never let your talent destroy you in anyway.”

Besides performing as a Solo artist, Yimkhiung has also started a new band called ‘The Problematic’. The band comprises of four members: Vocalist +Guitars –Toshi Yimkhiung, Guitars- Kerito, Drummer-Danrito and Bass-Lunthu. While Yimkhiung is a full time musician, the rest of the band members are all students. The Problematic delivered their first debut performance during the World Music Day 2024 at Bamboo Resource Centre.


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