Kilangnaro Hoki: A Multitalented Woman Redefining Success

Chungtia: Our family bond is our greatest strength, Kilangnaro says

BY | Sunday, 12 May, 2024

Kilangnaro Hoki, a 46-year-old teacher at Jubilee Memorial School in Chungtia Village, Mokokchung District, wears many hats beyond her profession. Together with her husband, Bendanglemba Lkr, and their four children, Kilangnaro exemplifies adaptability and determination.

Not confined to a single profession, Kilangnaro excels as a baker, creative pickle maker, chef specializing in fruit salads, and adept decorator for any occasion. She crafts jewellery, weaves cultural clothing, and even dabbles in knitting. She points out that her “husband is equally multifaceted, engaging in carpentry, masonry, mechanics, and electrical work.”

Kilangnaro serves in the women’s ministry, represents the youth ministry, and is a member of the Mission board.

This mother from Chungtia Village said, “Our journey wasn’t without challenges stating initially we both lacked formal training, but we mastered various trades through ironclad willpower and family support to survive in this world.”

She asserted that their family bond is their greatest strength. “In times when my societal engagements kept me away from home, they filled the void without complaints, enabling me to pursue my passions freely.”

“My motto is simple yet profound: to help and bring happiness to at least one person every day. It’s a commitment I proudly uphold, knowing that even the smallest acts can make a difference”, says Kilangnaro.

She said “My deeds may go unnoticed, but in the eyes of my community, they speak volumes. Their unfailing support fuels my determination to continue making a positive impact.”

Kilangnaro shared “Physically, our family faced numerous challenges, with hospitals becoming a second home for us. If it wasn’t me hospitalized, it was one of my children, making it a difficult period. Despite the hardship, this time taught me invaluable lessons in caregiving, and I am grateful to God for it. Looking back, I see those tough days as training, planned by a higher power. Today, we lead a more comfortable life.”

“I can write scripts for plays and poetry, although my poetry isn’t widely known. Singing is my passion, though not professional,” she added.

She mentioned, “Knitting and weaving used to be sources of income, but due to insufficient time, I can’t weave or knit anymore.”

Kilangnaro also mentioned that she always helps her husband whenever he needs assistance with carpentry work, including making wooden planks and assisting in house construction.

She teaches children up to the 7th standard and strives to help them become skillful, believing that being skillful not only meets one’s needs but also blesses others.

Kilangnaro stated that her four children have completed their studies and are now assisting her, with some working and others seeking jobs while managing their job requirements.

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