Kohima Liangmai Welfare Society celebrates Chaga Gadi festival

Kisama: Festival honours women for significant contributions to sustaining families

BY | Monday, 30 October, 2023

The Kohima Liangmai Welfare Society celebrated the Peren’s Liangmai community’s premier festival Chaga Gadi on Monday at Kisama Village Heritage. The event was graced by Awangbo Newmai, Minister for Water Resources and Relief & Disaster Management of the Government of Manipur as the special guest, DIPR informed.

In his address, Minister Awangbo emphasized the importance of preserving linguistic diversity. He underscored that each language has its unique way of expressing and facilitating communication among people, contributing to a better understanding of one’s culture and identity. The Minister urged the audience to encourage children to learn their local language and promote it, enabling them to reach the level of their contemporaries. He also stressed the need to preserve traditional customs, which are passed down through generations.

DIPR also informed that Chaga Gadi Festival honours women for their significant contributions to sustaining families. The festival takes place after the harvest. During the festival, men observe abstinence from any relationships with females, a practice known as “Aliam,” which signifies the highest degree of honouring women.

Girls are given special treatment during this time, including complete rest and a feast called “Aliukuang-kan” is arranged in their honour during the Chaga Gadi Festival.

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