Kohima Village Council felicitates village athletes


BY | Thursday, 11 April, 2024

The Kohima Village Council (KVC) hosted a felicitation event for its village athletes who competed in the NE Games and NWA Wrestling Meet on April 10 at KVC hall.

The felicitation program honored 35 athletes, including Kezhaseluo-o Pienyü, the 29th NWA Championship 2024 Champion, 14 medalists from the Northeast Games 2024, and winners from various zonal and national level competitions.

Neibou Sekhose, a distinguished guest, spoke on the importance of pushing beyond comfort zones and participating in recognized professional events to enhance skills. He highlighted the significance of conducting a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for personal growth.

Sekhose emphasized the village’s potential to nurture national and international athletes, urging the gathering to aim for long-term goals at higher levels of competition.

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Helievio-o Solo, KVC Chairman, commended the athletes and announced plans to develop sports policies to enhance sporting activities in the village. Solo credited the success to the founders of the Kohima Village Sports Meet, urging athletes to continue excelling and bringing honor to the village on a larger scale.

Zeneizo Rutsa, KVC Vice Chairman, expressed pride in the athletes’ achievements while urging humility and gratitude, emphasizing the importance of community support and blessings. He encouraged the players to utilize their youth to uplift the village’s reputation. Rutsa also acknowledged the significant role of loved ones, churches, elders, and villagers in praying for the village’s success, urging kindness towards others to receive blessings in return.

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