Meeting on electoral roll revision and voter education conducted in Kohima

Kohima: DC requests active participation and cooperation of political parties in SVEEP activities

BY | Thursday, 9 November, 2023

A meeting on the ongoing Special Summary Revision of the Photo Electoral Roll was convened by K. Libanthung Lotha, IAS, Commissioner & Secretary and E-Roll Observer for Kohima district on Thursday in the DC’s Conference Hall, Kohima. According to DIPR, the meeting was attended by Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AEROs) and representatives from recognized political parties, including the NDPP, NPF, and INC.

During the meeting, the Observer, K. Libanthung Lotha, explained that the purpose of the gathering was to review the ongoing revision activities and underscored the significance of registering new voters in the Electoral Roll who will turn 18 years of age as of 1st January 2024, the qualifying date. He urged political party representatives to educate and raise awareness among the public regarding the revision activities. Lotha also encouraged them to motivate eligible voters to register in the Electoral Roll in their respective areas.

Kumar Ramnikant, IAS, the Deputy Commissioner and District Electoral Officer (DC & DEO) in Kohima, emphasized the importance of Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) activities. These activities are conducted to educate electors on the procedures related to registering their names in the Electoral Roll, making corrections, and updating existing details. He requested the active participation and cooperation of political parties in these educational activities. He also encouraged them to report any difficulties or problems faced by electors during the registration process to ensure a smooth exercise.

During the meeting, it was observed that some political parties were yet to appoint their Booth Level Agents (BLAs) for the Polling Stations. The Observer conveyed that BLAs from all recognized Political parties should be appointed and stationed at each Polling Station within the district.

Representatives of political parties also had the opportunity to express their grievances and suggestions related to the registration of new electors. The meeting concluded by deciding to take necessary measures to address these issues.

The meeting was chaired by Assistant Election Officer (AEO) Kohima, Olivi Thurr.

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