Modern day ‘Morung’ system initiated in Tuensang’s Waoshu village

Tuensang: Besides students’ body, Waoshu VC and Churches contributing for success of ‘Morung’ program

BY | Thursday, 29 February, 2024
Young children carrying their beddings to the Sochum Knowledge Centre at Waoshu village, Tuensang

In Waoshu village in Tuensang, a modern day ‘Morung’ has been opened collectively to provide a space for young boys and girls to study as well as enhance social interaction and learn culture and traditions. This program has been called ‘Sochum Knowledge Centre’.

First initiated by Eleutheros Christian Society (ECS) Tuensang in 2006, the ‘Sochum’ concept takes inspiration from the traditional Naga ‘Morung’ system that requires young boys and girls stay in dormitories in the village where they receive education and life skills.

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It was the Waoshu village Students’ Conference that came up with the resolution to establish the ‘Sochum Knowledge Centre’ in the village. According to the plan, young boys and girls will go to the centre every evening where they will do their after-school works and spend the night there. The next morning, they will return to their respective homes, have their meals and attend school.

The ‘Sochum Knowledge Centre’ has a warden to guide the students and look into their needs.

Besides the students’ conference, the Waoshu Village Council and the Churches are contributing for the success of the ‘Morung’ program.

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