Mokokchung Commercial Vehicle Owners Association threatens Chakka Bandh if payment delay persists

Mokokchung: For Lok Sabha Election in 2024, Association resolves to accept only pre-paid payments for their services

BY | Thursday, 28 September, 2023

The Mokokchung District Commercial Vehicle Owners’ Association on Wednesday warned of a “Chakka Bandh” if their demands for immediate payment are not met. Convening a press conference on September 27, the Association addressed the prolonged payment delay for services rendered during the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly Election duty earlier this year.

The Association, representing a coalition of commercial vehicle operators, delivered an ultimatum to the authorities, warning of a “Chakka Bandh”. The aggrieved Commercial Vehicle Owners’ Association expressed deep resentment over the continued indifference shown by the authorities, particularly the Superintendent of Police, towards their appeals for timely disbursement of dues incurred during the election duty, which took place in February 2023. Despite numerous appeals, both verbal and written, including a petition dated June 22, 2023, the Association claims that their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, leading to a significant trust deficit.

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In the press conference, the Association laid out their demands and ultimatum for the Superintendent of Police:

Immediate Payment: The Association insisted on the full disbursement of all outstanding dues within seven days of the receipt of their letter. They categorically stated that they will not accept partial payments.

Pre-Paid Services: Looking ahead to the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in 2024, the Association resolved to accept only pre-paid payments for their services if required.

“If our demands are not met within the stipulated seven-day timeframe, we will impose a “Chakka Bandh” on commercial vehicles within Mokokchung District,” stated the Association.

The Mokokchung District Commercial Vehicle Owners’ Association also made an earnest appeal to the public to support their cause, emphasizing that the delayed payments have taken a toll on their livelihoods. They urged understanding and cooperation as they strive to resolve this ongoing issue with the authorities.

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