Musicians Converge Wokha: Wokha town to commemorate World Music Day


BY | Tuesday, 18 June, 2024

In commemoration of World Music Day on June 21, a “Musicians Converge Wokha” event will be held in Wokha at Hammock Resort, Wokha.

Addressing a press conference at Serano Restaurant today, Mhademo Ennio, TAFMA Wokha District Partner informed that Musicians Converge Wokha is an initiative of Tafma Wokha District Partner. “This Musicians Converge belongs to the musicians themselves, and with the conscious of mind, we have started this with a thought to be productive, helpful and be a responsible society in Wokha,” said Ennio.

According to the organisers, the objectives of Musicians Converge Wokha, is to unite all musicians in Wokha Town, to inclusively identify musicians of all ages and genders, and to inspire and mentor younger generations and committed musicians, serving as a guiding beacon within the community.

Highlighting the uniqueness of this year’s event in Wokha, the organisers stated that the goal is to uplift all musicians, established or emerging artists. In terms of community impact and fostering cultural exchange, the team expressed their belief In changing the narrative by uniting musicians to impact positive change and promote talent discovery on a global scale.

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“Musicians Converge will provide equal opportunities for performers and bridge gaps between government organisations and societies,” shared the team.

Optimistic about the event’s success, the team shared that most of the event management from managing ticket sales to pooling resources have been initiated by the musicians themselves to ensure success. The initiative is also a fundraising endeavour, with proceeds going towards a musicians’ fund to support registered participants of Musicians Converge. The organisers, therefore appealed to the public to support their efforts in making this initiative a success.

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