Nagaland Cabinet task ENGOA to persuade citizens of Eastern Nagaland to participate in polls

Kohima: State Govt reiterates that Eastern Nagaland must try to solve issue amicably and not take confrontation position

BY | Thursday, 4 April, 2024

The Nagaland Cabinet headed by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on Thursday had a consulative meeting with the Eastern Nagaland Gazetted Officers Association (ENGOA) at Conference Hall of Chief Minister’s Residential Complex, Kohima and had appeal to the citizens to participate in the electoral process of the country.

Speaking to media persons after the meeting, Minister for Power and Parliamentary Affairs, KG Kenye said the meeting with ENGOA was held for the first time and that some other leaders from Eastern Nagaland were also present.  “They were well represented,” he informed.

During the meeting that took place for over a couple of hours, the leaders deliberated on all the documents and took stock of the status – upto what extent the developments have taken place till now in regard to the other new political entity, which the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) are aspiring for.

Kenye remarked, “It was a healthy and free and fair discussion and meeting. The State government had presented a brief report from the time the demand started in 2010 upto date and different members have presented their views and opinions.”

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The minister maintained that what the State government had reiterated to the citizens of the Eastern Nagaland through ENGOA is that they must participate in the electoral process this time and should co-operate and try to solve whatever positions ahead amicably and not take confrontation position.

He stressed that with understanding the issue should be resolved and with more patience on the issue. He said that it is a continuous process and has taken more than a decade and will continue after the installation of a new government at the centre.

Replying to a query, he said the ENGOA are part of the entire movement and within their (ENPO) family, ENGOA should not have a problem to approach each other or put across their views at each other at any time.

He added that the State government would continue to request everyone upto the last citizens in the State wherever they are from – East or West or North or South – to participate and cast their votes at least in the electoral process of this country.

When questioned what the consequence will be if a similar situation happens like in 2023 State’s Assembly elections when ENPO participated in the elections only because of assurances for early resolution which has not materialised till now, Kenye said that this question should be posed to the Union government as the State government is not party to the talks. He added that if at all the State government would be catching up only after the talks is resumed henceforth.

Additionally, Kenye also asserted that ENGOA would continue to persuade ENPO, who has been spearheading the movement, that they (ENPO) should be a part of the electoral process as bonafide citizens of this nation being the duty of the citizens.

In this regard he exuded hope that the ENGOA would execute their roles and the responsibilities on their shoulders.

With three candidates in the fray for the ensuing Lok Sabha election 2024 the minister stated that the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) candidate Dr Chumben Murry has been earnestly picked up, he said the NDPP led alliance is hoping for a smooth electoral process and conduct.

Furthermore, Kenye appealed to the electorates of the state to vote for the PDA oppositionless government candidate Dr Murry so that he would represent the state with his strong voice in the Parliament.

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