Nagaland govt has appealed to law panel to exempt state from UCC: Minister KG Kenye

Kohima: State govt hopeful GoI will stand by its words and uphold sanctity of Article 371(A)

BY | Tuesday, 25 July, 2023
Nagaland Power Minister and Government Spokesperson K G Kenye addressing the media on 25 July 2023

Nagaland Minister for Power and Government Spokesperson K G Kenye addressing the media on Tuesday informed that the State Government has made it’s official stand clear to the 22nd Law Commission of India on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) on 4 July by submitting a representation appealing to the Commission to exempt Nagaland from the purview of implementing the UCC.

Kenye said the state government has observed the sentiments of the people who have rejected the idea and the imposition of UCC in the State wherein, representations were also submitted by various Tribal Bodies and Civil Society Organisations.

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He mentioned that the government’s representation had highlighted the Commission of the background history of the Nagas and the “Non Interference Policy” in our Land and ways of Life, by which the 16 Point agreement was signed in July 1960 at New Delhi and proven by the GoI when this assurance was enacted by the Parliament in 1962 and enshrined into the Constitution of India as the Article 371(A), wherein it is stated: “No withstanding anything in this Constitution. No Act of Parliament in of the Religious or social practices of the Nagas, Naga customary law and procedures, Administration of Civil ans criminal justice involving decisions according to the Naga customary law and Ownership and transfer of land and its resources.”

“The 1st generation of the Indian leaders knew our history, but the 2nd and 3rd generation are not aware of things in this far corner of our country…aspects of our history had to be brought out again,” added Kenye.

The Minister said that Nagaland in it’s last 60 years of statehood still continue to endure violence, turmoil and bloodshed and is confronted with serious challenges both internally and externally despite being a small state. While negotiations between the Naga national workers and GoI are also dragging on for decades and does not auger well with the uncertainties looming large and with all these situations prevailing and moving through uncharted waters, Kenye said that in the midst of such a situation, the government strongly feels that such an approach is a direct threat to the practises of Naga Customary laws, social practises and the religious practices.

“So, if such a law is to be imposed, breaching the constitution Article 371(A), it will certainly shake the vert foundation of our relationship,” the representation stated.

Further, he said the cabinet was very much relieved when Union Home Minister Amit Shah in no uncertain terms told them that GoI is actively considering for exemption of Christians and some tribal areas in the country from falling within the purview of the Law Commission this time.

“We are hopeful that the GoI will stand by its words and its commitments to us and uphold the sanctity of Article 371(A) once again,” added Kenye.

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