NASU organizes Suolahie Theünuo Memorial Volleyball Trophy, 2024

BY | Sunday, 14 April, 2024

The Northern Angami Students Union (NASU), on April 13 organised the Suolahie Theünuo Memorial Volleyball Trophy at Tsiesema Local Ground.

The running Trophy is played in remembrance and respect of its first President Lt. Suolahie Theünuo of Nerhema Village under the theme “UNITY THROUGH SPORTS”. All together 16 teams from men’s category and 8 teams from women’s category participated in the event. The Trophy is usually an open tournament played amongst the Northern Angami regions wherein students and youths from different areas and villages participated the event.

The 2024 edition of the Trophy was graced by Vibeilietuo Kets, Special Assistant to Chief Minister, Government of Nagaland as the Special Guest and Teisobou Sekhose, Joint Director, Youth Resources and Sports, Government of Nagaland as the Guest of Honour. While speaking at the programme, the Guest speaker encouraged the young sports person that it is through such tournament that we not only promote sports but also inculcate in us the spirit of sportsmanship. He also challenged the players to be focused and determined, reminding them to also have patience, teamwork, build self-confidence and the spirit of sportsmanship through the game.

In the earlier session, the programme was chaired by NASU General Secretary, Ketholezo Keyho, while Keneingulie Mere, Pastor Tsiesema Baptist Church offered God’s blessings upon the success of the event. Meteitoulie Talie, Vice President delivered the welcome address and a special song was presented by Neilakuonuo Metha. Chairman, Tsiesema village council and Khrielie Chase (NASU senior) delivered greetings respectively. The Oath taking was administered and pronounced by Khriebu Rüpreo, Games and Sports secretary, after which the match commenced after the Guest Speaker kicks off the ball.

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In the later session, the programme was chaired by Khriekethonuo Dzüvichü while Mengubeiü Khro presented a special number. The vote of thanks was delivered by Khrieketouzo Pienyü.

In the women’s category, the Seiyhama Students’ Union team retained the championship title and walked away with a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/- while the runner-up team Chiechamia Students Union received Rs. 10,000/-. The semi finalist team received Rs. 4000/- each.

And in the Men’s category, the Champion team Nerhema Students Union received a cash prize of Rs. 30,000/-, while the runner-up team Tsiesema Students Union (B) received a cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-. The semi finalist team received Rs. 5000/- each.

In the individual category, Ruokuokhrienuo Chadi of Chiechama Students Union in women’s category and Neihelie Yhor of Tsiesema Students Union from Men’s category bagged the best Player respectively.

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