New Compact Utility Tractor to help in socio-economic upliftment of marginal and small farmers

New Delhi: Tractor said to replace bullock driven plough for small and marginal farmers: developed tractor to be supplied to farmers through different state government tenders at subsidized rates

BY | Friday, 28 June, 2024

Marginal and small farmers consist of over 80% of cultivators in India, whereby, majority of its population still depend on bullock driven farming in which operational costs, maintenance costs and poor returns pose a challenge. Power tillers and tractors, although gaining traction, is incompatable due to prices and weight.

Under such issues, CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CSIR- CMERI) has developed a compact, affordable and easily maneuverable tractor catering for small and marginal farmers which could aid them increase agricultural productivity while keeping the cost low to meet the requirement of the marginal and small farmers, with support from the SEED Division of DST.  An MSME has planned to set up a manufacturing plant for mass production of tractors for supply to farmers informed Ministry of Science & Technology, PIB.

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They have promoted the technology among several existing SHG’s, and efforts were made to create new SHG’s particularly for this technology. CSIR- CMERI is also discussing licensing it to local companies for large scale manufacturing, so that the benefits can reach the local farmers. The ministry has also stated that, The tractor has been developed with a 9 hp diesel engine with 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds, PTO with 6 splines @540 rpm. The total weight of the tractor is around 450kg, having front and rear wheel sizes of 4.5-10 and 6-16 respectively. The wheelbase, ground clearance, and turning radius are 1200 mm, 255mm, and 1.75m respectively.”

The technology was demonstrated in nearby villages and to various manufacturers. A Ranchi based MSME has shown interest in manufacturing it by setting up a plant for mass production of the tractor. They plan to supply the developed tractor to farmers through different state government tenders at subsidized rates.


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