New team of Naga Hoho nominated for 2024-29 tenure

Kohima: Committee proposes Sulanthang Lotha as Lotha Tribe

BY | Thursday, 29 February, 2024

The Search Committee of the new office bearers to the Office of Naga Hoho for the tenure 2024-29 has on Thursday announced the names of the persons nominated for various posts.

The Committee members include Inavi Swu as Convenor, Pauheu Newme as Member, NG Lorho as Member and L Wanlat as Member.

Following are the names proposed for various positions to the Office of Naga Hoho:

  1. President: Sulanthang Lotha, Lotha Tribe, Nagaland
  2. General Secretary: Atoho K Kiho, Sema Tribe, Nagaland
  3. Vice President (two posts): i) RD David Boyes, Anal Tribe, Manipur ii) Reserved for Central Nagaland
  4. Secretaries (two posts): i) Komral Longphi, Tangsa Tribe, Arunachal Pradesh ii) Reserved for Central Nagaland
  5. Secretary Finance: Vikugha Pucho, Sumi Tribe, Nagaland
  6. Secretary Information and Publicity: SP Raili, Poumai Tribe, Manipur
  7. Speaker: Pauheu Newme, Zeme Tribe, NC Hills, Assam
  8. Deputy Speaker: Vacant
  9. Customary Affairs Secretary: David Rengma, N Rengma, Assam State

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