Noklak: Peshu Range Students Union restores road that is lifeline of Thonoknyu area

Noklak: Road restoration supported and finaced by district admin and MLA Lamthiu

BY | Friday, 28 July, 2023

The Peshu Range Students Union (PRSU) carried out a seven-day road restoration work between Peshu Village and Thonoknyu Town in Noklak from 21st July to 27th July 2023.

The initiative was supported and financed by the District Administration Noklak and Member of Legislative Assembly from Thonoknyu, Benei M Lamthiu.

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Mention may be made that the stretch of the road between Peshu village and Thonoknyu Town, which is around 15 kms, had been laying unattended for many years. The restoration of the road which is the lifeline of people of Thonoknyu area is said to facilitate smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians.

PRSU acknowledged all individuals, Councils of the area, Thonoknyu Area Public Organisation (TAPO), sitting MLA Benei Lamthiu and the Noklak District Administration for all the support and cooperation in fulfilling the much-needed aspiration of the people of the area.

The Peshu Range Students Union further appealed to the people of Thonoknyu area to continue to cooperate in all initiatives for public welfare.

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