Nominations period for ULB elections ends; Scrutiny on 13th June

Kohima: 18 male, 11 female candidates file nominations in 11 wards of Pfutsero Town Council

BY | Tuesday, 11 June, 2024

The period for filing nominations for the elections to the municipal and town councils in Nagaland ended today. Polls will be held to elect representatives in 418 Wards across the three municipal councils and 36 town councils in Nagaland of which 142 Wards are reserved for women.

The scrutiny of the nomination papers will take place on 13th June 2024 and the last date for withdrawal is 18th June.

Here are some reports from DIPR on the nominations across the State:


41 candidates from various political parties file nominations for Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) elections. On 11th June 2024, the last day for filing nominations, 10 candidates submitted their nominations, bringing the total number of candidates contesting under KMC to 41.

2 (two) candidates are from the INC, 19 from the NDPP, 11 from the NPP, and 9 Independent candidates. Also, among the 41 candidates, 19 are female.


Nomination Process for Mokokchung Municipal Council (ULB) Election Concludes Peacefully, on 11th June 2024, following the culmination of the nomination process and the solemn oath-taking ceremony a robust total of 35 candidates officially filed their nominations at the Office Chamber of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mokokchung, Chumlamo Humtsoe, meticulously adhering to the prescribed procedures.

Among these candidates, 24 were male aspirants, while 11 female contenders to represent the 18 wards of Mokokchung Municipal Council.

The nomination filing process unfolded seamlessly, reflecting the disciplined adherence to the established timeline and protocols. In a testament to the democratic spirit of the electoral process, candidates from diverse backgrounds and aspirations came forward, each embodying a commitment to serve their community with dedication and integrity.


Eight female candidates have submitted their nominations for the Mangkolemba town council election 2024, bringing the total number of nominated candidates to 20 from nine wards. Among them, seven women will be running from the designated seats in ward 1, 4, and 7. Additionally, there is one woman candidate from NDPP contesting for the general seat in ward 9 of Mangkolemba town.

The 20 contenders consist of 8 individuals from The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP), 1 from The Indian National Congress (INC), and 11 Independent candidates.


21 candidates filed their nomination for ULB election in Medziphema for 9 (nine) ward Town Council under 5 Ghaspani-11 A/C Chümoukedima.

On the last day of filing nominations following candidates have filed their nomination papers before the ADC & RO, James Swu.

  1. Vikehiepie Siria, NDPP, Ward-9.
  2. Abei Thepa, NDPP, Ward -8.
  3. Bano Khanyo, NDPP, Ward-6.
  4. Seyievino Vitsu, NDPP, Ward-7.
  5. Kelengunuo, NDPP, Ward-4.
  6. Visako Rino, Independent, Ward-6.

Altogether 21 candidates including 8 female and 13 male from different political parties have filed their nomination paper on the last date of nomination.


Twelve more candidates filed their nominations before the Returning Officer, Wokha Town Council on the last day of nomination on 11th June 2024.

Altogether, 32 candidates filed their nomination for the 15 (fifteen) wards under Wokha Town Council for the Urban Local Bodies Election 2024. Seven (7) political parties, 11 from NDPP, 7 from BJP, 8 from NCP, 1 from NPF, 2 from NPP, 1 from INC and 2 independent candidates filed their nomination. Returning Officer & ADC, Wokha K. Furhesie Nyuwi, informed that scrutiny for the nomination papers will be held in the Office chamber of the Additional Deputy Commissioner& RO, Wokha on 13th June 2024 at 9:00AM onwards.


On the last day of filing nomination papers for ULB Election to the Town Council Bhandari, Seven Candidates from different Wards filed their nomination papers on 11th June 2024.

Out of the total 7 candidates, 3 were from the BJP, 2 from INC and 2 were independent candidates. 2 women candidates who also filed their nominations were from the Women Reserved Wards of Ward No-1 and Ward No-4.

Altogether, 21 Candidates filed Nominations from 9 Wards of the town. 6 women who filed their nomination are contesting for the Women Reserved seat. The process of filing nomination concluded peacefully as scheduled.


Altogether 25 (twenty-five) candidates from various political parties filed their nomination papers for the ULB elections under Phek Town Council and submitted to the ADC & RO, Phek,  Ruopfukuotuo Noudi and SDO(c) & ARO, Tsenthungo E. Ngullie.

The candidate includes 11 (eleven) from NPF with 4 (four) women candidates under women reserved seats. 10 (ten) from NDPP with 4 (four) women candidates under reserved seats for women. 1 (one) candidate from BJP, 1 (one) candidate from NPP and 2 (two) Independent Candidates filed their nomination till 11th June 2024.


29 candidates have filed their nomination papers to ULB election 2024 for Pfutsero Town Council till 11th June 2024.  Altogether 29 candidates are contesting the ULB elections in 11 wards under Pfutsero Town Council with 18 male and 11 female candidates.


The process for nomination to the Chozuba Town Council ended on the 11th June, 2024 as per notification by the State Commission of Nagaland.

According to the Additional Deputy Commissioner & Returning Officer, Dr. Diana Patton, nominations from 29 candidates were received which included nine women and twenty men.

There are nine wards under the Chozuba Town Council with sequence number were 1 Zasemuru- Khutsazho; 2 Nyohokharu; 3 Phakuzho; 4 Chozu; 5 Muzaboka; 6 Thozhe; 7 Rikhu- Dzuluba; 8 Rikhuba- Vethozho and 9 Thujiba- Timeba.

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