Peren DC urges stakeholders to focus time, efforts to tackle rising cases of drug abuse

Jalukie: ADC emphasizes active participation of civil society in eradicating the menace

BY | Thursday, 13 July, 2023

In response to the escalating cases of drug abuse and intoxicating liquor abuse in Jalukie Sub-Division, Peren, Additional Deputy Commissioner Jalukie T L Kiusumong Tikhir, NCS organized a consultation meeting on Thursday at the ADC Office in Jalukie Town.

The meeting aimed to engage civil society leaders and stakeholders in finding effective measures to tackle this menace. Deputy Commissioner Vineet Kumar, IAS of Peren also attended the consultative meeting to lend support and guidance.

Addressing the attendees, DC emphasized that the rising cases of drug abuse are primarily affecting school children in the fifth and sixth grades. He urged the stakeholders to focus their time and efforts on individuals within the society, taking a public health approach to address the issue. He further encouraged parents and community leaders to actively engage with children, providing guidance and supervision to fulfil their responsibility in curbing drug abuse.

Kumar also stressed the importance of being good role models in the fight against drug abuse, highlighting the potential negative effects it can have on every aspect of society, including physical and mental health, employment, and overall well-being.

During his address, ADC emphasized the active participation of civil society in eradicating the rising cases of drug abuse throughout the Sub-Division. He called on all stakeholders to work together and contribute to the collective efforts against this issue.

The consultation meeting provided a platform for open discussions, strategizing, and collaborative planning among the attendees, fostering a unified approach to combat drug abuse in Jalukie Sub-Division.

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