Pfutsero: IMFL seized during election destroyed

Pfutsero: ‘Because of the check gate initiative in the Chakhesang region, there was no law and order issue’.

BY | Tuesday, 14 March, 2023
Officials from the ADC office, members of CMA and CCEM during the destruction of IMFL at Pfutsero on 14 March.

Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) seized during the recently concluded election by volunteers of the Chakhesang Mothers’ Association (CMA) in collaboration with the law enforcing agencies of Pfutsero, were destroyed here at the ADC office premise, Pfutsero on Tuesday.

The unclaimed IMFL were seized by volunteers of CMA manning the check gates for liquor and other intoxicating substances, an update from the Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) informed.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) and Returning Officer, Japheth Woch, said that Pfutsero constituency is one of the “most peaceful” places for election with no hiccups and appreciated the CCEM under whom CMA spearheaded the activities during the election.

None of the churches have done like the Chakhesangs, which is a success story, he added. Because of the check gate initiative in the Chakhesang region, there was no law and order issue, he said and assured support for such initiatives in the future.

Sharing his initial experience, he said that he doubted CCEM at first. But at the same time, the administration was short of personnel to man the entries. Realising that the initiative started to help the administration, he tried to explain it to the district administration.

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Around that time, Election Observer happened to inspect the region. Upon seeing the activities of the CMA, the observer acknowledged it and directed the deputy commissioner to make documentation of their work, the ADC shared.

OC Pfutsero Police Station, Lulun Singson informed that the IMFL destroyed were “unclaimed” and non-FIR cases. Regular and registered cases were sent to the district administration at Phek, which was submitted six times.

He added this was the second time that IMFL was destroyed in Pfutsero. All the seizures were made because of teamwork, he said and added that the Pfutsero Mothers’ Association was the backbone of the initiative.

CMA President, Zhonelu Tunyi said the check gate initiative was started with zero budget and on credit. But the contribution from the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council, other organisations and individuals made it a success.

She also thanked the law enforcement agencies for their cooperation.

CPO President Vezuhu Keyho and CCEM Chairman Rev. Vezopa Rhakho also spoke briefly, while Executive Secretary of CBCC, Chekrove-i Cho said the prayer before the IMFL was destroyed.

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