Phek DC, PDRSC hold meeting to address concerns over road safety in district

Phek: Committee proposes installation of convex mirrors at critical points

BY | Friday, 14 July, 2023

In an effort to enhance road safety along the road connecting Phek district, the Phek District Road Safety Committee (PDRSC) convened a meeting on Friday, DIPR stated. The meeting, held at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office Chamber in Phek, saw the active participation of Deputy Commissioner Phek, Kumar Ramnikant, IAS and committee members.

The meeting primarily focused on addressing key concerns related to driver sensitization, visual illustrations of safe driving practices, and the installation of convex mirrors. These measures were identified as crucial steps toward promoting road safety within the district.

Under the guidance of Kumar Ramnikant IAS, the PDRSC members deliberated extensively on strategies to raise awareness among drivers about safe driving practices. They recognized the importance of education and training programs to instil responsible behaviour on the roads. Additionally, discussions revolved around the implementation of visual illustrations that effectively convey the significance of adhering to traffic rules and regulations.

To enhance visibility and improve safety at critical points along the road, the committee proposed the installation of convex mirrors. These mirrors are known for their ability to provide a wider field of view, enabling drivers to detect potential hazards and make informed decisions while manoeuvring through challenging sections.

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment among the committee members and Deputy Commissioner to prioritize road safety in the Phek district. They emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between government authorities, law enforcement agencies, and the local community to create a safer road environment.

As the district moves forward with these initiatives, the PDRSC remains dedicated to its mission of fostering a culture of road safety and reducing accidents. By implementing the discussed measures, they aim to ensure the well-being of commuters and make traveling along the road connecting the Phek district a safer experience for all.

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